The Events of Today

Today in Health class, it was very, interesting.

On the back wall my teacher put pictures up of everybody. May I add mine looks fu*king hideous. These two guys, were like, "Who's picture is better?" "Right, his ears are bigger than mine." Just comparing each other and asking me and these two other girls who we thought was better.

I was wearing red skinnies, and one of the guys (one of my best friends) said, "What other colors you got?"

I said, "Pink, orange, green-"
"Green, ooh you should let me wear them."

I'm like, "No, you would bust the seams, and you'd have to buy me new ones."

He asked me why I would say that, I said because your thicker than me. And then we started to compare our thighs, and his were actually bigger. LOL And he said it was all muscle. *side-eye* He said something in Spanish, I think he said something about him having a huge ass...

I was joking and said he has a big ass. And he was like, "Yeah, you should see me when I'm naked."

I was frigging speechless. But I think he was just joking. He flirts with a lot of girls like that. We're comfortable around each other to talk about stuff like that. Did I mention, sometimes he humps the air...

But sometimes he can be REALLY immature. For example start complaining if he doesn't get his way. And he can get me so angry, cause he doesn't care. He's failing Math with a 30! I asked him if he wants me to help him. He said he doesn't need help. He actually is smart, but he just goofs off. The reason why he's failing is because he's always getting kicked out of class. It's pissing me off. I care about him a lot, and I don't want to see him fail.


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