Grow Up

The people in my school are really fake. Not even funny, there are so many two-faced people in my school it's ridiculous.

One minute:
"OMG, I love you! Your my bestie."

Half-an-hour later:
"Ugh, I can't stand that b-tch. Watch after school she's gonna get jumped."

It's so aggravating, like just grow up already.

There's this girl who fought with this other chick on Thurdsay. None of the teacher's found out, because they fought in the locker room.

The girls that were there started going around and saying things about each other. When it got to this one girls turn this chick said, "Oh, you think your so bad and tough, when your really not." She started walking up towards the girl and kept pushing her. The other girl decked her right in the face. They started fist fighting.

Now everybody is like, "I get twenty bucks on so-and-so." And these girls who were supposedly friends with the girl who decked the other in the face, started calling her a bitch, a whore, etc. And now everyone is on her case.

What really pisses me off, is one of the girls gets made fun of all the time. When nobody is talking to her she gets into the conversation. "Who did this?" "Wait, what happend?" In Math my teacher forced me at her table, and she started arguing with these three guys for no reason. Then when one of the guys cousin started telling her to leave them alone, she started yelling at everybody, calling people a pendeja/pendejo, cabron, etc.

You get my drift. I can't do anything about it. So I only chill with the people who aren't like that. But it's hard not to be bothered with this stuff since I witness it everyday, and people are always coming to me with this stuff.

It's f-cking b-llshit.


I don't know, but this picture put a smile on my face.