The Events of Yesterday and the Day Before

On Thursday, my entire cluster went on a field trip. All except for seven people, including myself and my Math teacher. I didn't want to go because I felt it would be a waste of my time, and I wouldn't enjoy it. They went to a near by river to see the water, if there was any pollution, blah blah. And they had to do a big ass packet on it. While I only had to do a three paragraph paper. :P

Being left behind at school was actually kind of fun. We basically hung out. My Science teacher came back for my social Studies teacher's truck, and she couldn't get it open. We thought some obnoxious idiot was blowing the horn, when it was actually the alarm going off. Then she got it to stop. Then she made it go off again. It went on like this for about 10 mins. But she finally called the other teacher and got it.
Yesterday was probably the best day I've had in along time. I actually enjoyed being in school. There's this new kid in my H.R. and I think he's kinda cute. We have assigned seats, and two of my guy friends and I get to sit next to him. One guy made me laugh so friggen' hard.

We have this T.v. in our class and they give us the announcements. And he was like "That damn remote that keeps popping up on the screen is pissing me off! Watch it's gonna pop up again in seventeen seconds."

He kept getting aggravted when the thing kept popping up. I had a jolly rancher in my mouth and I started choking on it. They said I looked like I was crying and kept on saying funny things. I'm still a litttle embarrassed about that too, but w/e.

Oh, and we had a celebration, and my principal went in the dunk tank. LMAO.

The day was just fun, and I was smiling and laughing the entire time. And I got 40 WPM w/ 93% accuracy. Which is a lot better than what I had before. :) I'm starting to think this new guy is lucky.

The Events of Today

Today in Health class, it was very, interesting.

On the back wall my teacher put pictures up of everybody. May I add mine looks fu*king hideous. These two guys, were like, "Who's picture is better?" "Right, his ears are bigger than mine." Just comparing each other and asking me and these two other girls who we thought was better.

I was wearing red skinnies, and one of the guys (one of my best friends) said, "What other colors you got?"

I said, "Pink, orange, green-"
"Green, ooh you should let me wear them."

I'm like, "No, you would bust the seams, and you'd have to buy me new ones."

He asked me why I would say that, I said because your thicker than me. And then we started to compare our thighs, and his were actually bigger. LOL And he said it was all muscle. *side-eye* He said something in Spanish, I think he said something about him having a huge ass...

I was joking and said he has a big ass. And he was like, "Yeah, you should see me when I'm naked."

I was frigging speechless. But I think he was just joking. He flirts with a lot of girls like that. We're comfortable around each other to talk about stuff like that. Did I mention, sometimes he humps the air...

But sometimes he can be REALLY immature. For example start complaining if he doesn't get his way. And he can get me so angry, cause he doesn't care. He's failing Math with a 30! I asked him if he wants me to help him. He said he doesn't need help. He actually is smart, but he just goofs off. The reason why he's failing is because he's always getting kicked out of class. It's pissing me off. I care about him a lot, and I don't want to see him fail.


One thing my friend and I have always talked about, is people we go to school with are so fake! And we've observed this since 3rd grade.

During Math class last week, there is this kid. I don't really like labels, but he's the type who watches Tv constantly, plays video games 24/7, and loves Science and Math. One of these girls who I sometimes talks to started ganging up on him for no reason.

This is basically how my entire class went:

Girl: How do you do this paper? Oh my God it's so hard! Help me!

Boy: Sorry, the sub said we can't help. We're supposed to do it on our own.
(Which was completely true, and I'm not even gonna front, I would've just helped her, to AVOID drama)

Girl: Shut up, probably don't even know what your doing.

Boy: Then why did you ask me to help you?

Girl: *Proceeds to make fun of him.*

Another girl joins in.
(This chick is always going through peoples shit, may I add she is always taking my erasable highlighters. SMDH!)

Then ANOTHER chick started throwing erasers at him. Then this kid who is like a brother to me went over there, and was like "Girls Gone Wild: Classroom Addition." Then basically the whole classroom was ganging up on him. I felt so bad, but I was just like, "Damn."

But this kid was like, "Everybody leave him alone. He didn't do nothing to y'all." But it's pretty ironic because in Science the week before he was making fun of him, because he got one answer wrong on the group assignment we had.

Then yesterday, the kid was coughing, and everybody was like "Swine Flu Alert! Alert!" They were throwing tissues at him, told him to cover his mouth, etc. He eventually got sent home sick.

What bothers me most, is that these people are pushing him to the edge. I read this book called SHOOTER, by Walter Dean Myers, and it was about schools shootings, suicide, bullying, etc. and it remind me of this kid.