One thing my friend and I have always talked about, is people we go to school with are so fake! And we've observed this since 3rd grade.

During Math class last week, there is this kid. I don't really like labels, but he's the type who watches Tv constantly, plays video games 24/7, and loves Science and Math. One of these girls who I sometimes talks to started ganging up on him for no reason.

This is basically how my entire class went:

Girl: How do you do this paper? Oh my God it's so hard! Help me!

Boy: Sorry, the sub said we can't help. We're supposed to do it on our own.
(Which was completely true, and I'm not even gonna front, I would've just helped her, to AVOID drama)

Girl: Shut up, probably don't even know what your doing.

Boy: Then why did you ask me to help you?

Girl: *Proceeds to make fun of him.*

Another girl joins in.
(This chick is always going through peoples shit, may I add she is always taking my erasable highlighters. SMDH!)

Then ANOTHER chick started throwing erasers at him. Then this kid who is like a brother to me went over there, and was like "Girls Gone Wild: Classroom Addition." Then basically the whole classroom was ganging up on him. I felt so bad, but I was just like, "Damn."

But this kid was like, "Everybody leave him alone. He didn't do nothing to y'all." But it's pretty ironic because in Science the week before he was making fun of him, because he got one answer wrong on the group assignment we had.

Then yesterday, the kid was coughing, and everybody was like "Swine Flu Alert! Alert!" They were throwing tissues at him, told him to cover his mouth, etc. He eventually got sent home sick.

What bothers me most, is that these people are pushing him to the edge. I read this book called SHOOTER, by Walter Dean Myers, and it was about schools shootings, suicide, bullying, etc. and it remind me of this kid.


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